Lately, Bess has been enjoying narrating audiobooks and voice acting work for the storytelling and AI company, Avanoo.

Bess has been our go-to Voice Over Artist for some time now. Her professionalism has been amazing in both her communication and prep work on scripts but most importantly her recordings have been perfect, any slight tweaks we ask she is able to deliver exactly what we needed. SHE IS AWESOME. I highly recommend her.

Jeremy Elman, Creative Director of Avanoo, Inc

Available Now!: Bess is thrilled to be back in the booth narrating the audiobook for TKO Studio’s illustrated horror collection, Blood Like Garnets, written by the inimitable Leigh Harlen and illustrated by Maria Nguyen. The amazing paperback of these “Haunting Tales of Terror” is currently available for purchase and the audiobook will be carried exclusively by Audible.

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01 Resurrect Me // Resurrect Me
  1. 01 Resurrect Me // Resurrect Me
  2. 02 Conquer and Thrive // Resurrect Me
  3. 03 Say What I Need to Hear // Resurrect Me
  4. 04 Passive Fist // Resurrect Me
  5. 05 I Forgive You // Resurrect Me
  6. 06 Such a Big Apple // Resurrect Me
  7. 07 Just a Phase // Resurrect Me
  8. 08 Construct // Resurrect Me
  9. 09 Two-Year Test // Resurrect Me
  10. 10 Away from Myself // Resurrect Me
  11. 11 Roxy // Resurrect Me
  12. 12 Give It Back // Resurrect Me
  13. 13 One Big Song // Resurrect Me