Such a Big Apple - The Single

The third single from the new album Resurrect Me

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Resurrect Me - The New Album

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Resurrect Me - The Single

The second single from the new album Resurrect Me

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Conquer and Thrive - The Single

The first single from the new album Resurrect Me

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“(Bess creates) …moments within her songs when you feel that all the layers of pretense have been stripped and what you are hearing is not so much her voice but the deepest expressions of a passionate soul. It’s vulnerability, but a vulnerability tempered by inner strength. It’s emotional honesty expressed with intelligence and wit. It’s paradoxical, indescribable and “it.” It also makes for an amazing listening experience.”

The Alt Rock Chick

Bess McCrary’s, “for Happy,” has the rare distinction of making its way into my three-CD dinner and wine party rotation, joining Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones. A collection of 13 original songs, there is a theatricality to her jazz that makes it unique, varied and catchy. From Dixieland and the throwback 20’s nightclub feel of “Every Time I Love You” to the mournful “Cry So Good” (with a chorus and bridge that refuses to budge from my head) to the 50’s do-wop of “Life’s Work,” the funky calypso of “Solidarity,” these songs have a contemporary melodic edge with a jazz underpinning. I’d recommend welcoming Bess and “for Happy” into your “best of” rotation.

David Austin, Composer/Lyricist/Playwright



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01 Resurrect Me // Resurrect Me
  1. 01 Resurrect Me // Resurrect Me
  2. 02 Conquer and Thrive // Resurrect Me
  3. 03 Say What I Need to Hear // Resurrect Me
  4. 04 Passive Fist // Resurrect Me
  5. 05 I Forgive You // Resurrect Me
  6. 06 Such a Big Apple // Resurrect Me
  7. 07 Just a Phase // Resurrect Me
  8. 08 Construct // Resurrect Me
  9. 09 Two-Year Test // Resurrect Me
  10. 10 Away from Myself // Resurrect Me
  11. 11 Roxy // Resurrect Me
  12. 12 Give It Back // Resurrect Me
  13. 13 One Big Song // Resurrect Me